Burton T.

“Better than hoped, Dr. Schonbrun plz read. I originally was skeptical coming here being that it was an older building. The original idea for switching to Dr. Schonbrun is that his practice was a little more reasonably priced. My previous dentist had ALOT of “Flashy” technological toys at their disposal and the cost reflected it. Even with all their technological advantages they were “No Where Near” as informatable, thorough, and actually engage into a conversation and explain things as much as Dr. Schonbrun did himself. He treated you as a human or even a family member instead of a walking paycheck. Even his numbingneedle skills are applaudable. He does very well in every aspect of his job which you can tell he likes. I would rate him higher if I could. I am so glad I switched for more reasons that I can be thankful for. Thank you to everyone there at the office, you’ve made what is a hated experience for some, an unforgettable good experience for me.”